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Heyo! - Rozekail - 12-02-2021

I've been a fan of the site (The 16-bit Audiophile Project) for years, but just now learned that there's a forum attached to it. So, I kinda had to make an account. I love Genesis/Mega Drive music, and love seeing people take it and present it in soundtrack form in the quality that it deserves. I made an account because I wanted to thank some of the people that have helped release some of this music, as well as throw a couple of suggestions out there in case anyone is interested. Thanks!  Big Grin  

RE: Heyo! - donluca - 12-02-2021

Hey, welcome!

Yes, it seems like people don't know about the forums, despite all posts on the website having a link to comment which actually redirects here.  Rolleyes

All suggestions are welcome, we're always striving to improve.

Enjoy your stay!

P.S.: We also have a Discord server, hosted by Project2612, the invite link is on Facebook and Twitter.